Fashion Morphism - Wild and Free - Insider View of Fashion Editorial

Wild and Free

Sometimes too much of anything is too much. Too much dress can be a distraction. So, Going all monochrome in black and a silver jewelry which complements and highlights the whole look. When you try to keep it as minimalistic and chic as possible, so that you can go easy, effortless, and stress-free. It’s all about having pleasure and feeling wild and free.

Upside Down from Stranger Things Concept

Upside Down

The purpose on creating “Upside Down” was all about the confusion caused by many unfavourable situations, intentionally or unintentionally, having a control over our anger.
Sometimes, we choose to let it go or rage over things.
Sometimes, Things go upside down in many ways.

Padmavati Movie - Insider View Of Fashion Editorial | Fashion Morphism_4


Just like Music, People make covers in their own version. Likewise, I thought of creating something in my own version for Padmavaat. It’s really important to be able to do anything despite any doubts that may come. Being in doubt leads us to imagine new ways.